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Missing St. George teenager Macin Smith vanished from his family’s home more than one year ago.

Since then Gephardt Daily has provided comprehensive coverage of Macin’s disappearance, as well as the exhaustive grassroots efforts to bring the teenager home.

We promise to continue that effort for as long as needed and urge you to share these stories on social media.

Together, we can bring Macin home.

Bill Gephardt
Gephardt Daily

Bringing Macin Home

Mom Of Missing St. George Teen Macin Smith

Exclusive: ‘Disappeared’ sets date for Macin Smith episode; new search planned

As NBC Universal announces that the Investigation Discovery episode of "Disappeared" featuring missing St. George teen Macin Smith will air on Sunday, April 2, a local group has announced its 14th search for him.

18 MONTHS ON: Mom of missing teen Macin Smith speaks of the battle to...

Yesterday was the day they thought would never come. It was the 18 month anniversary of St. George teenager Macin Smith's disappearance.
Macin Smith's Mom

Exclusive: Mom addresses questions after possible Macin Smith sightings in California

The mother of missing St. George teen Macin Smith is addressing key questions about her son's disappearance as a flurry of sightings are reported in northern California.

Exclusive: Mom of Macin Smith posts video message for son

The mother of Macin Smith has posted a new video to Facebook imploring for the teen's return and acknowledging the struggles he went through before he went missing in September 2015.

Exclusive: Police investigating possible Macin Smith sightings; mom reacts to news

The mother of Macin Smith has spoken exclusively to Gephardt Daily about the news that Sacramento police are investigating numerous possible sightings of the missing St. George teenager.