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Sunday, November 19, 2017

45 nations sign declaration on export, use of armed and strike-enabled drones

The United States and 44 other countries issued a joint declaration Thursday regarding the responsible export of armed and strike-enabled drones, the State Department announced.

Concerns raised over Dakota Access pipeline ‘riots’

Aggressive action from those opposed to building the Dakota Access pipeline project is out of step with conventional protest action, an energy coalition said.

Wine output in France, South America expected to hit four-year low

Bad weather may affect wine production this year, leading to 2016 potentially being one of the three worst years for output in nearly two decades, according to a wine trade group.

Tesla unveils sleek glass solar roof tiles

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk unveiled a new series of glass roof tiles with built-in solar panels in Los Angeles Friday night.

Steady U.S. gas prices mask underlying volatility

Retail gasoline prices moved slightly lower on average over the last week, though U.S. infrastructure issues made for a volatile market, motor club AAA said.