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Friday, July 21, 2017

Mall of America joins list of businesses closing on Thanksgiving

The county's largest mall, Mall of America, announced it will join a growing lost of retailers that will not open for business on Thanksgiving Day.

Russia hopes for credit rating upgrade

The Central Bank of Russia said Thursday there was reason to be optimistic about an upgrade to its credit rating given the pace of economic recovery.

Northrop Grumman receives modification for Japanese Hawkeye contract

Northrop Grumman Systems Corp., Military Aircraft Systems, was awarded a $14 million U.S. Navy contract modification for the Japanese E-2D Hawkeye aircraft.

Oil-rich Alberta lauds wildfire efforts

Six months after wildfires sidelined millions of barrels of oil from Alberta, the province said it was honoring first responders who battled on the front lines.

Smith & Wesson Corp. plans name change

The Smith & Wesson Company -- now Smith & Wesson Corp. -- has borne the names of its two founders since 1852. If the corporation's shareholders give their approval, S&W could soon be the American Outdoor Brands Corp.