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National International Business

National International Business

British insurer faces $1B fine for Prestige oil spill

A Spanish court ruled a British insurer should pay a $1 billion fine for its role in the 2002 Prestige oil spill.

World’s richest 1 percent now own more than half of world’s wealth: Report

The world's wealthiest 1 percent got 8 percent richer since the 2008 financial crisis and now own more than half of the world's wealth, according to a Credit Suisse report released Tuesday.

Venezuelan government in debt default

Venezuela and its state-run oil company, PDVSA, are in default after falling behind on debt payments, multiple credit agencies declared.

U.S. household debt hit record $13T last quarter

Household debt in the United States reached a record $13 trillion in the third quarter, and rose for the 13th consecutive quarter, officials said Tuesday.

Gas prices unseasonably high, but relief coming

Retail gasoline prices continue to put a strain on consumer pocket books late in the season, though relief is around the corner, a market report found.