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Monday, October 23, 2017

State Dept. proposes $343B C-17 support contract with Kuwait

The State Department announced Friday it has approved a possible foreign military sale to the government of Kuwait for continuation of the C-17 logistics support services and equipment.

California becomes first state to require stores sell only rescue animals

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation into law this week that requires pet stores in the state to exclusively sell rescue dogs, cats and rabbits.

Amazon eyeing entry into prescription drug sales

A report that online retail giant Amazon is eyeing an entry into the prescription drug sales market sent shares tumbling for brick-and-mortar drug store chains Walgreens and CVS.

Tesla fires hundreds of employees following performance reviews

U.S. automaker Tesla fired hundreds of employees this week after conducting performance reviews.

Energy-hungry China takes step to buffer against economic shocks

The central bank in energy-hungry China injected funds into the economy Friday in an effort to offset risk and protect against bubbles.