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Friday, August 18, 2017

CVS, Walgreens sued for overcharging pharmacy customers

CVS and Walgreens, the two largest U.S. drugstore chains, face lawsuits for allegedly inflating the price of generic prescription drugs sold to customers.

Kawasaki recalls ATVs due to fuel leakage, fire hazard

Kawasaki recalled a number of all-terrain-vehicles Thursday because the company has received 18 reports of fuel leakage from the fuel tap. No injuries have been reported, but the firm says consumers should immediately stop using the recalled ATVs and contact Kawasaki for a free repair.

ACA premiums expected to rise due to market uncertainty

The Kaiser Family Foundation released a report today showing that Affordable Care Act insurance premiums are expected to rise in many states in 2018.

Trump plans to impose tariffs up to 81 percent on Chinese aluminum

The Trump administration is planning to impose tariffs up to 81 percent on aluminum foil imported from China.

Disney to pull content from Netflix, start streaming service in 2019

Disney on Tuesday announced it will remove its content from Netflix and begin its own streaming service in 2019.