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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Japanese CEO resigns over overworked employee’s suicide

The leader of Japanese advertising giant Dentsu resigned one year after the suicide of a junior employee who was forced to work excessively long hours.

Expect more output next year, Canadian energy company says

The largest oil and gas company in Canada, Suncor said its production could increase more than 10 percent next year while spending moves the other way.

Tesla to acquire German company to speed up electric car production

Tesla announced plans on Tuesday to acquire German based-Grohmann Engineering, a company that specializes in automated manufacturing, in a bid to accelerate production of its high-end electric vehicles.

Internet service company CenturyLink to acquire Level 3 Communications

CenturyLink Inc. announced its purchase of Level 3 Communications Inc. Monday, a $34 billion cash-and-stock deal creating a more prominent business telecommunications service company.

Smokers more likely to quit when cigarette prices increase

Drexel University researchers have found that smokers are 20 percent more likely to quit smoking when the price of cigarettes is increased by just $1.