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Anesthesia For Abortions

Utah Gov. Herbert says modifying penalties, delaying BAC .05 law valid options

Utah Governor Gary Herbert said Wednesday that the state's Legislature is likely to make minor modifications to the state's controversial new DUI law, which defines the legal intoxication level at 0.05 blood alcohol content.

U.S. gov’t bans use of cybersecurity products from Russian company Kaspersky

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday directed all federal agencies to stop using security products by Kaspersky Lab, a Russian company with alleged ties to state-sponsored cyberespionage.

Trump says wealthy may have to pay more in taxes

After a bipartisan meeting with members of the House of Representatives about tax reform Wednesday, President Donald Trump said it's possible wealthy Americans may have to pay more in taxes.

Bernie Sanders introduces single-payer healthcare bill

Sen. Bernie Sanders announced legislation Wednesday that offers healthcare to all Americans -- a bill that has more, but not total, Democratic support.

Trump, Malaysian prime minister talk trade, Boeing jets at White House meeting

President Trump said he planned to discuss trade deals -- "very large trade deals" -- with Najib Razak, the prime minister of Malaysia, during the leader's visit to the White House on Tuesday.