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Granny swatting, lobster smuggling, People Who are Going to Hell! ‘The Todd and Erin...

Ever heard of "swatting?" It's when you call in a false report of murder or a hostage situation, etc. The police have to mobilize all their troops and race to the rescue -- to discover it was a prank.

Gas prices inching lower ahead of U.S. holiday weekend

Barring a handful of Great Lakes states, retail gas prices are low and could move even lower ahead of the U.S. holiday weekend, motor club AAA reported.

Federal interest rates for student loans rise July 1

Student loan debt will get heavier for many students as federal interest rates for new college loans will increase on July 1.

Strategic Missile Systems receives ‘doomsday plane’ contract

Strategic Missile Systems has been awarded a $73.1 million contract to support national and nuclear communications for the E-4B National Airborne Operations Center aircraft fleet.

How the gas industry can help fight climate change in Siberia

Permafrost is the layer of permanently frozen earth -- over 3,000 feet thick in some places -- that lies just beneath the land surface in Arctic regions. It formed over the past few million years when ice ages predominated.