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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Online music service SoundCloud saved by $170 million investment

Digital music service SoundCloud will continue to operate following a new investment round.

Lawsuit alleges Wells Fargo preyed on mom-and-pop businesses

A group of small business owners is suing Wells Fargo alleging the nation's third-largest bank intentionally preyed on them with onerous fees and deliberately confusing rules about their accounts.

Cheesecake Factory sued over claims of misleading gratuity on bills

The restaurant chain The Cheesecake Factory is being sued by a customer who alleged the company intentionally tricks customers into leaving exorbitant tips.

Bomb shelter sales boosted by North Korea threat

Businesses across the United States -- and Japan -- are reporting an increase in sales of bomb shelters and other survival items as rhetoric over nuclear weapons ramps up.

Health official calls for summit over tainted eggs; 2 arrested

The health commissioner of the European Union has called for an emergency summit over millions of potentially pesticide-tainted eggs in at least 15 member nations -- which have spawned criminal investigations and led to the arrests of two people.