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Thursday, June 22, 2017
Robin Williams' Wife And Children End Legal Battle

Robin Williams’ Wife And Children End Legal Battle Over His Estate

Robin Williams' wife Susan says she has dropped her petition and settled her dispute with her late husband's adult children regarding his estate.

Kit Hoover defends Billy Bush after Trump tape: ‘He is a good person’

Kit Hoover gave an impassioned defense of disgraced television personality Billy Bush on Monday.

Weekend Box Office: “Ant-Man” Is No Small Movie

...Marvel's tiniest hero packs a big wallop as "Ant-Man" opened as the number one movie in America this weekend...
Kate Gosselin - Gephardt Daily

Kate Gosselin Dismisses Child Abuse Allegations

After court documentation surfaced with allegations of child abuse, Kate Gosselin dismissed the allegation via twitter. The" Jon and Kate Plus 8 "star received the allegations five years ago after Jon accused her of spanking and locking their children in a room.
Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson Shocked By Unequal ‘X-Files’ Pay

Gillian Anderson says she was sad and shocked to be offered unequal pay for The X-Files revival.