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Anemia may increase risk for hearing loss, study says

Hearing loss may be linked to iron deficiency anemia -- a combination of low levels of iron and red blood cells, new research suggests.
Detect Celiac Disease

Non-Invasive Test Can Detect Celiac Disease In Children

A relatively non-invasive finger prick test cold help doctors diagnose celiac disease in young children with minor or no symptoms, according to researchers in Spain.
Precision Weight Loss Based On Genetics

Precision Weight Loss Based On Genetics May Be Future Of Dieting

Scientists at the University of Texas predict in a new study that within five years doctors will design diets based on individual patients' genes.

Study: Diet Diversity, Moderation Might Be Less Healthy For Adults

HOUSTON, Nov. 2 (UPI) -- Because of varying levels of health benefits from food to food, eating "everything in moderation" and having greater diet...

Alcohol use, abuse on the rise in the United States

Rates of drinking and alcohol abuse are increasing in the United States, especially among certain groups of people, a new study suggests.