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World Health Organization Reports

World Health Organization Reports: Lack of Funding Threatens Lives

A drastic shortage in funding is jeopardizing free access to health care services being provided by the World Health Organization and partners in the Central African Republic for thousands of people.

Stress may explain digestive issues in kids with autism

Many children with autism suffer from gastrointestinal problems, such as belly pain and constipation. And new research suggests that these issues may stem from a heightened response to stress.

Watch Out for Disease-Carrying Insects This Summer

People who spend lots of time outdoors in the summer need to be careful about insect bites, an expert says.

Heart group advises personalized nutrition counseling

Health care providers need to consider people's ethnic, cultural and personal preferences when offering healthy eating advice, a new American Heart Association scientific statement says.

Effects of climate change may ‘wreak havoc’ on mental health, doctors...

As the Trump Administration moves to undo certain climate change policies, a leading group of U.S. psychologists has issued a report that says warming trends and related extreme weather events could wreak havoc on mental health.