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Student develops smartphone app for early autism detection

An undergraduate student has developed a mobile method parents may be able to use to screen their children for early signs of autism spectrum disorder.

Common jellyfish sting recommendations can make stings worse

New research suggests many of the recommendations for treating jellyfish stings don't work and can make matters worse.

Study debunks myth that fast food mostly eaten by poor

Researchers at Ohio State University found that middle-income and high-income Americans were just as likely to eat fast food as poorer individuals.
Saline Better Than Soap

Study: Saline Better Than Soap And Water To Clean Wounds

Soap and water is the standard method of washing wounds before surgery the same as it is at home, however researchers found in a new study that cleaning wounds with a simple saline solution was more effective.
Hospice Patients

Hospice Patients Get Too Little Care In Last Days Of Life,...

One in eight hospice patients do not see a doctor, nurse, or social worker during their last two days of life, researchers for the federal agency responsible for the end-of-life programs found in a recent study.