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Even modest activity may help reduce heart disease risk: Study

Don't try saying you're too busy to exercise, especially after that calorie-laden Thanksgiving dinner.

Plague first came to Europe during the Stone Age

The earliest evidence of the plague-causing bacterium Yersinia pestis suggests the disease first arrived in Europe during the Stone Age, several millennia before the first documented epidemics.

Ancient rhythms based on the sun dictate modern human life, study...

Humankind long ago conquered the darkness with the invention of artificial light. But new research shows that, by and large, the sun's daily cycle still dictates people's activity.

Study: Adopting a dog may help single people extend lifespan

Here's to keeping your health on a tight leash: New research suggests that having a dog might boost a single person's life span.

Discoveries may help treat Gulf War illness, chronic fatigue syndrome

The diagnosis and treatment of two conditions -- chronic fatigue syndrome and Gulf War illness -- could improve thanks to the discovery of distinct brain chemistry signatures in people with these disorders, researchers say.