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Black Gay Men

CDC: Half Of Black Gay Men Will Be Diagnosed With HIV

Half of black and a quarter of Hispanic gay and bisexual men will likely be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetime, according to a new study.
Drought Threatens

Drought Threatens Nearly All U.S. Forests

While the California drought has been a topic of discussion nationally for some time, researchers are now saying the effects of climate change -- and specifically, drought -- could put forests across the United States in danger.

Extra CO2 The Cause Of Dryland Greening Trends

Earth's drylands are getting greener. The phenomenon has been documented in satellite images over the last several years, but scientists haven't been able to explain the trend.
Condo Decorated In The 1970s

‘Groovy’ Condo Decorated In The 1970s On Market

A Chicago condo listed for $158,000 comes with a "groovy" and unusual feature -- the original decor from the early 1970s.
2015-best-year-for-existing-home-sales-since-2006 (1)

2015 Best Year For Existing Home Sales Since 2006

An unexpected boost in sales of previously owned homes in December wrapped up the best year since 2006.