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Gephardt Originals

Gephardt Originals

Review: Utah Rep’s ‘Blackbird’ provokes, makes audience think

In a trash-strewn, unfinished break room, under unflattering florescent lights, Una and Ray remain fully clothed as they strip away each other's defense mechanisms, delusions, excuses and lies.

Bill’s Garden Adventure 2017 – Episode 4 – Protecting your plants

Triple-digit temperatures made their way to the Wasatch Front just in time for the first official day of summer, but rest assured, there are plenty of cold snaps still in the offing -- the kind that can take your perfectly appointed early summer garden, and, in a matter of a few short hours, turn it into silage.

Utah woman in Times Square: ‘It was crazy, seeing the car…sideways, on 2 wheels’

Shantal Van Wagoner expected her first trip to New York to be an adventure, but nothing could have prepared her for what she heard when she landed at JFK International on Thursday.

Exclusive interview: ‘Wonderful’ Johnny Mathis going strong; reflects on career, family on eve of...

Johnny Mathis. The mere mention of his name still gives pause to millions -- his music, his style, the smoothness of his voice, the gentleness of his soul -- synonymous with love and romance for generations of Americans.

Breaking: Vivian Lee resigns from U of U posts after Beckerle firing controversy

After a tumultuous period of nearly two weeks in the local and national spotlight, Dr. Vivian S. Lee on Friday resigned her position as Senior Vice President for Health Sciences at University of Utah, Dean of the Medical School, and CEO of the University of Utah Health Care system.