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Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Gephardt Originals

Gephardt Originals


A Thanksgiving invite’s gonna cost you $30, horrible clowns doing horrible things! ‘The Todd...

Today's "Todd and Erin Morning Stream" is filled with terrible tales about the Worst Mothers In The World ... starting with Erin.

Review: PTC’s ‘A Comedy of Tenors’ strikes the right notes for farce

It's 1930s Paris, the day of a "the opera concert of the century,"  and promoter Henry Saunders is having a very bad day.

Plan-B Theatre’s ‘River. Swamp. Cave. Mountain.’ tackles big questions

Playwright Elaine Jarvik says of her new kids' show for Plan-B Theatre: "So I think I am just the right person to write a play for children that explores death and grief—because I sure wish someone had put on that play for me when I was a kid."

Victoria’s secret panty heist, weird Utah politics, Negro Bill Canyon! ‘The Todd and Erin...

So, get this: A woman walked up to a man suffering a seizure in a Salt Lake City 7-Eleven and actually TOOK OUT HIS WALLET AND STOLE HIS MONEY.

4 now charged with murder in collision deaths after Kearns drive-by shooting

Three adults and a juvenile to be tried as an adult have been charged with first-degree murder in a case that police say started with a gang-related drive-by shooting and ended in the collision deaths of two area residents.