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Syrian Rebel Town

Islamic State Abducts At Least 170 Cement Factory Workers In Syria

Islamic State militants abducted at least 170 workers at a cement factory in Syria, state-run news reported on Thursday.

Dachshunds Face Off In Driveway Hockey Game

A pair of Dachshunds played a game of driveway hockey while representing popular Canadian hockey teams.

Former Boyfriend Of Amanda Knox Now TV Crime Expert

The former boyfriend of Amanda Knox who was acquitted of the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, has been hired as a crime expert by Italian television.
risk taking teens

Sleepy Teens Are Risk-Taking Teens

Sleep-deprived high school students are more likely to sustain injuries -- often due to risky behaviors -- than those who are well rested, U.S. health officials reported Thursday.

Early Humans Colonized South America Like Invasive Species

The growth of early human societies in South America look a lot an invasive species' conquest of new habitat.