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Texas Jail Releases Sandra Bland Video

Texas Jail Releases Sandra Bland Video That Shows Her Alive At Booking

Waller County officials released hours of jail video Tuesday in an effort to dispel rumors Sandra Bland was dead before being booked into jail.
F-16, Cessna Planes Collide Mid-air in South Carolina

F-16, Cessna Planes Collide Mid-air in South Carolina

A fighter plane and a small private plane collided in mid-air Tuesday morning near Charleston, S. C., the Federal Aviation Administration reported. The F-16 pilot ejected safely.
Nematode Worms Affected by Starvation

Consequences Of Starvation Last Generations, At Least For Worms

The offspring of the starved worms turned out to be smaller, less fertile and more likely to be male. So did their offspring.
Full Moon

Will the Moon’s First Inhabitants Live in Giant Lava Tubes?

The moon's first long-term inhabitants will require especially protective shelter. Cosmic radiation, extreme temperatures and the occasional meteorite impacts make the lunar surface a rather hostile place.
Jerusalem Gay Pride Stabbing Victim Dies

Teenage Victim Of Jerusalem Gay Pride Knife Stabbing Dies

A teenage victim of the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade knife attack, allegedly perpetrated by Orthodox Jew Yishai Schlissel, has died.