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President Barack Obama

President Obama: The NCAA Needs to Take Care of its Student Athletes

During a newly released interview, President Obama said the NCAA needs to take care of its players.

FBI Agent Allegedly Stole Heroin From Evidence

A former Washington, D.C., FBI agent was charged with 64 criminal offenses for allegedly stealing heroin from the agency's evidence storage facility.
Smart Home

2015 Could Be Year Of First Smart-home Hacks

With Internet controls now being built into millions of appliances, it's likely we'll see successful smart home-hack attacks sooner rather than later. So what should you be wary of, and what can you do to protect yourself?

Samsung Faces Lawsuit from China Over Smartphone “Bloatware”

One of the world's largest cellphone manufacturers, Samsung Electronics faces a lawsuit from Chinese consumer advocacy officials over pre-installed apps -- known as "bloatware" -- that's apparently being loaded onto some of the company's devices without customers' knowledge.
Planned Parenthood Sues Louisiana

Planned Parenthood Sues Louisiana Over Cancellation Of Medicaid Contract

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Inc. filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals to stop the state from cutting the organization's Medicaid funding.