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Soyuz Rocket

Soyuz Rocket Launches Yearlong Space Station Crew

NASA is especially interested in the physiological parameters of lengthier space missions as it perfects plans for a future trip to Mars.
Boys Scouts

Majority Of Utah Mormons Say Boy Scouts Of America Should ‘Take A Hike’

A recent poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates for UtahPolicy.com reveals the majority of Mormons living in Utah would like the LDS Church to cut its ties with the Boy Scouts of America.
Water Strider Robot Developed by Harvard's Wyss Institute

Water Insects Inspire Tiny Jumping Robot

"We were fascinated by the fact that insects can actually jump on water quite well," researchers said of their inspiration.

Utah Highway Patrol trooper in extremely critical condition after being struck by vehicle

//content.jwplatform.com/players/VmZFaWQL-WrhpRlJH.js BOX ELDER COUNTY, Utah, Nov. 19, 2016 (Gephardt Daily) -- A Utah Highway Patrol trooper is in extremely critical condition after being struck by...
Dumbo Octopus Off Californiavideo

Researchers Encounter Dumbo Octopus Off California Coast

Underwater explorers off the coast of California captured photos and video of a "shy" dumbo octopus hiding in its own tentacles.