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Special Reports

Special Reports

Gephardt Daily Special Reports

Media Summit 2014

5 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to Media Summit

Speaking on stage or sitting there is no better reason to be at the Media Summit. This is where everyone goes to discuss new formats of creativity. Whether you are representing a brand or an entrepreneur the Media Summit is a must-attend event. Your boss might even send you if he thinks you are able to network, get a better education, be inspired and bring back information for your Colleagues, and even maybe inspire them.
House Pricing - Gephardt Daily

Can You Afford Your House?

Affording a house is starting to become a hardship on many Americans. Nearly 62% of all home sold last year could be afforded by a family eating a median income. Mortgage rates might be near record lows but home prices are on the rise and incomes are not keeping up. Now buying a home and being able to pay for it depends on the area where you are looking . Steer clear of major cities like Los Angeles and states like New York. Home Lending for EverBank vice president stated that mortgage rates could be rising.
Vacations - Gephardt Daily

Vacation Travel Experts Make Planning and Dreaming Reality

There is no faster path to peace than people getting to know other cultures. Everyone always wants to go to different states or countries when they think about vacations. Two men show that there is a lot of fun going somewhere that you could only dream of but they also show the importance of seeing what is in your own backyard too.
TSA - Gephardt Daily

TSA Confiscates A Record Number of Firearms in the Past Year!

If you've traveled then you know the long and mandatory importance of US Airport Security, however, this "annoyance" does serve a very great purpose! The Transportation Security Adminastration (TSA) confiscated the most firearms this year from the travelers airports. Most of these guns were locked and loaded too! The TSA agency has an Instagram blogging account where they share all of the dangerous and interesting things that they confiscate throughout their day.
Pay Raise - Gephardt Daily

3 Reasons You’ll Likely Get a Raise in 2015

Unemployment is at its lowest level since 2008. Short-term unemployment is at its lowest since the start of the recession. The so-called job “quit rate” is at its highest in 4 years, which is good for the labor force because it signals they are confident they can quit to look for new jobs with higher salaries. All that said the news on wage growth will not be good for all since certain jobs require higher salaries there are a large number of Americans who are seeing very little wage growth.