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Special Reports

Gephardt Daily Special Reports

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups: There’s an App for That

We have all heard of the Facebook App and their messenger App. Now there is another Facebook sister App that is going to be available for you. It is called Facebook Groups. After launching the app you will see a list of groups you belong to. Having this app will make the service faster on mobile devices. The app also offers recommendations for other groups that you can join.
Porsche Panamera Executive Exclusive ultra-luxury sedan

Hottest Cars are Now Colored…

Most trending and popular colored cars throughout the globe are white, black, gray and silver. Now some trends are developing in the paint department. This is due to the sorts of cars that are being bought and less to do with their favorite colors. And in the future these colors will become even more popular.
Broadband Comcast - Gephardt Daily

What’s Happening To TV?

Broadband Internet is slowly, but surely taking over. With cable companies such as Time Warner, they are slowing down on cable TV subscribers. This doesn't mean that people aren't watching TV anymore, it just means they are getting their services through internet-enabled ways.
Media Summit 2014

5 Reasons Your Boss Should Send You to Media Summit

Speaking on stage or sitting there is no better reason to be at the Media Summit. This is where everyone goes to discuss new formats of creativity. Whether you are representing a brand or an entrepreneur the Media Summit is a must-attend event. Your boss might even send you if he thinks you are able to network, get a better education, be inspired and bring back information for your Colleagues, and even maybe inspire them.
House Pricing - Gephardt Daily

Can You Afford Your House?

Affording a house is starting to become a hardship on many Americans. Nearly 62% of all home sold last year could be afforded by a family eating a median income. Mortgage rates might be near record lows but home prices are on the rise and incomes are not keeping up. Now buying a home and being able to pay for it depends on the area where you are looking . Steer clear of major cities like Los Angeles and states like New York. Home Lending for EverBank vice president stated that mortgage rates could be rising.