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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Police: Woman arrested for helping Riverton shooter evade arrest

Another suspect has been arrested after police say she assisted Riverton shooting suspect Justin Llewelyn, now in custody, in evading capture earlier.

Man who poached Utah bighorn ram fined $30K, banned from hunting in 47 states

An Arizona hunting guide found guilty of poaching a trophy-size desert bighorn ram in Utah has been ordered to pay large fines, and has been banned from hunting in 47 states for the next decade.

Utah’s weekend weather: Statewide forecast

Welcome to your weekend weather, Utah.

Holiday weekend weather: Statewide Utah forecast through Monday

The heavens are gifting us with some relatively balmy temperatures lasting through the weekend, capped on Monday by Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Macin Smith’s mom talks about moving forward: ‘I did not choose this road of...

The mother of Macin Smith, who has been missing from St. George since 2015, has opened up about how she and her family plan to go forward in 2018 as they face what would be their youngest son's 20th birthday in the spring.