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Saturday, January 20, 2018
Director Of Division Of Adult Probation And Parole

New Director Of Division Of Adult Probation And Parole Named

A new director of Division of Adult Probation and Parole has been announced by the Department of Corrections.
In-Flight Sex With Girl

Man Accused Of In-Flight Sex With Girl, 16, Arrested In Salt Lake City

A man suspected of having sex with a minor on a Delta flight from Phoenix was taken into custody after landing at the Salt Lake International Airport.
Zika Virus, Birth Defect

Scientists Report Insights Into Zika Virus, Birth Defect

The Zika virus may cause the birth defect microcephaly by targeting certain brain stem cells and stunting their growth, researchers report.
Cliven Bundy Arrested

Update: Cliven Bundy Sons David, Melvin, Arrested In Southern Utah, Nevada

The United States Justice Department on Thursday announced 14 additional indictments related to the 2014 standoff over grazing cattle on U.S. land near Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch.
Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ To Pleasant Grove Officer

Legendary soul singer Gladys Knight serenaded her version of "Happy Birthday" to a Utah police officer Wednesday night after the car she was in was pulled over for speeding.