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Saturday, June 24, 2017
Service Dog Steps in Front of Bus

Service Dog Steps in Front of Bus to Protect Blind Owner

Fido, a golden retriever service dog who saved his blind owner from an oncoming bus, is recovering from leg injuries.

Park City Man Dies In Longboarding Accident

A 28-year-old Park City man has been killed in an apparent longboarding accident.
Teen Incarceration Leads To More Crime

Teen Incarceration Leads to Less School, More Crime

"Some judges are more likely to have children placed in juvenile detention than others, but it's effectively random which judge you get," said study co-author Joseph Doyle.
NY Firefighters Turn Hose To Drone

N.Y. Firefighters Turn Hoses on Rubbernecking Drone

An upstate New York man using his aerial drone to take video of a house fire said firefighters intentionally turned their hose on his $2,200 device.
Choco Pies Remade by North Korea

North Korea Remakes Popular South Korean Snacks

North Korea is producing South Korean-style food items after Pyongyang banned South Korean snack distribution at the Kaesong Industrial Complex.