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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Holding ‘Game Of Thrones’ hostage, the very special milkshake, Bats! Bats! All over me!...

No freaking way! A group of hackers managed to steal the entire season of "Games of Thrones," and they're threatening to release it to the public unless they're paid TWO MILLION dollars in Bitcoins.

Summit County says sorry for off-pitch anthem

Summit County has issued a written apology to listeners after a "Star-Spangled Banner" singer at the county fair struck a sour note.

Bachelorette picks a fiance, where we travel, live WWII mortar shells! ‘The Todd and...

Guess where we Utahns go when we travel? Yes, Disneyland is right up there, but internationally? You'll be surprised.

Fiery Utah crash caught on highway patrol video

The Utah Highway Patrol has released dash cam video of an explosive crash that happened near Wellsville when a man fleeing police rammed his pickup into a semi.

Swastikas for peace, 2-legged dogs, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ star divorces! ‘The Todd and...

Swastikas for peace! Yeah, that’s not, like, the weirdest slogan ever, but it’s on a T-shirt and selling like crazy.