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Monday, July 16, 2018

Weirdest video of the week – why run down the stairs when you can...

Ready for the weirdest video of the week?

Chirps chips taste-testing on ‘The Todd and Erin Daily Stream’

Sooo... how do you feel about eating bugs?

Clutching a stuffie and sobbing in the university’s ‘cry closet’

So, the University of Utah's deep in Final's Week, and someone installed a "Cry Closet" in the library so you can crawl in, cuddle a stuffie and weep hopelessly for 10 minutes before pulling yourself together.

‘I had a ball at the testicle festival’ – a bumper sticker no one...

We discuss the sad demise of the Montana Testicle Festival today without really mustering much sympathy about it.

Utah-shot ‘Yellowstone’ releases trailer prior to show’s June 20 debut

The Paramount Network is offering an advance look at "Yellowstone," the Western series starring Kevin Costner, shot in Utah, and primarily at Utah Film Studios in Park City.