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Two Category 4 Hurricanes East of Hawaii

Two Category 4 Hurricanes Detected East of Hawaii, Third Spotted to the West

Two Category 4 storms, Hurricanes Igniacio and Jimena, have been located east of Hawaii headed in a northwesterly direction.
Danny Becomes First Hurricane

Danny Becomes First Hurricane of Atlantic Season

Danny became a hurricane earlier than expected. It's the first hurricane of the Atlantic season.

NFL takes a knee, pumpkin spice science, the gayest bake sale ever! ‘The Todd...

Wanna watch Todd and Erin get in a fight where Todd compares Erin to Rush Limbaugh and Erin threatens to walk off the set?

Residents Told to Stay Indoors as Mysterious Stinky Fog Descends on Moscow

At least that's what residents were reporting on Monday after a smelly fog descended on the city leaving residents perplexed. Muscovites took to Twitter to share accounts of a sulfur smell and a foggy haze hanging over the Russian capital. Video purportedly taken in the Kozhukhovo area of Moscow, which aired on several Russian news channels, shows a thick smog hanging over city streets. The location of this footage has not been verified, but local accounts indicate that the fog was quite thick at times.