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Friday, July 28, 2017
What The ?

What The ?

Gephardt Daily What The ???

Snake causes power outage for 6,500 people in Colorado

A snake caused a power outage for thousands of people in Colorado after slithering into an electrical substation.

Monkeys cause chaos inside government building in New Delhi

A gang of trouble-making monkeys caused chaos when they invaded a government building in New Delhi, India, sending officials scrambling for safety.

The Rock for president, Harry Potter saves a life, mystery sausage! ‘The Todd and...

Did you like the Winter Olympics here in SLC? Good, because we're one step closer to getting it back again.

Bear makes sandwich, doggie fat camps, stealing your bike back! ‘The Todd and Erin...

So here's my favorite headline of the week: "Bear breaks into Park City home, makes sandwich."

Chinese mall unveils ‘husband storage pods’ with video games

A Chinese mall is aiming to keep men from becoming bored on shopping trips with video game-equipped "husband storage pods."