Ryan Reynolds shows off abs under ‘Deadpool’ suit

Ryan Reynolds attends the TIME 100 gala on April 26. The actor's personal trainer shared a side-by-side photo of the "Deadpool 2" star Thursday. File Photo by Bryan R. Smith/UPI

Aug. 4 (UPI) — Ryan Reynolds gave fans a glimpse under his “Deadpool” suit this week.

The 40-year-old actor’s personal trainer Don Saladino shared a side-by-side photo Thursday of Reynolds displaying his ripped physique and wearing his “Deadpool 2” costume.

“@joshbrolin, you still have some work to do,” he teased Josh Brolin, who will play the mutant Cable, in the caption.

Reynolds appears on the September cover of Men’s Health, and discussed his training regimen in the interview. He said he often uses Saladino’s online programs because his schedule is “so erratic” when he’s filming.

“I don’t want to have to meet somebody at 4 in the morning in a dark gym. I just want to go when I can go,” the star explained.

Reynolds said he eats “clean, whole foods” every two to three hours while bulking up for a role, but stops short of Hugh Jackman‘s diet for Wolverine. Jackman was rumored to eat 6,000 calories per day, sometimes at odd hours.

“Hugh Jackman has a dedication to his craft that I’m afraid I don’t share. If I’m up at 2 in the morning, it’s because something has gone terribly wrong,” Reynolds said.

“Busting balls is a great thing, but busting balls needs to work in stark contrast to that person’s character,” he added of his ongoing “feud” with the 48-year-old actor.

Reynolds first played Deadpool in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and reprised the role in the solo film “Deadpool.” “Deadpool 2” will co-star Brolin, Morena Baccarin and T.J. Miller, and open in theaters in June 2018.


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