Update: Police identify 18-year-old gunned down in front of Magna home

Tristen Mogadam, 18, was shot in front of a home in Magna late Thursday night, Feb. 16, and died in the hospital a short while later. Police were interviewing multiple witnesses early Friday morning. Photo: Facebook

MAGNA, Utah, Feb. 17, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — An 18-year-old man died Thursday night after being shot outside a home in the vicinity of Helen Drive (3190 South) and Julia Lane.

On Friday evening, Unified Police identified the victim as Tristen Mogadam.

Unified Police Sgt. Shane Manwaring said a call of shots fired came in at about 11 p.m., followed by a report of a person having been shot.

“We arrived at the residence and located the victim inside,” Sgt. Manwaring said. “He’d been shot and was unconscious. We started CPR, and when Unified Fire Authority arrived, they took over and transported him to Intermountain Medical Center, where he succumbed to his wounds.”

Manwaring said that the incident began when a car pulled up to the residence and there was a “conversation between the victim and the people in the car. Four or more shots were fired and at least one of them hit the victim.”

The victim was able to get back inside the house, where he collapsed.

Manwaring said the police don’t think the shooting is gang-related, but said the investigation is still in the early stages and the motive for the shooting is unclear.

He said there were multiple people inside the home, apparently having “some kind of party,” so there are a number of witnesses who are being interviewed.

“The people have been very cooperative,” he said, “and are helping with the investigation.”

Manwaring said at this point, police have been told that there were two black males in a sedan, and they’re trying to determine whether the victim knew the people in the car.

The man who called 911 told Gephardt Daily that when he first heard a shot, “it sounded like a backfire, so I didn’t think anything of it. Then there was a real quick pop right after that, so I figured ‘gunshots.’

“Then I seen a car coming straight down with its lights off down the street. Then he put his lights on and booked it right out of the neighborhood. … I called 911 as soon as that happened.”

He said his first thought was, “I hope nobody’s hurt, but from the sound of it, somebody was hurt.”

He said it’s usually a quiet neighborhood, “just cars in and cars out,” the kind of place where people feel safe walking their dogs at night.

Sgt. Manwaring said he doesn’t think the general public is in any danger, as this shooting doesn’t appear to have been a random act.


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