More than 70 juveniles busted at raucous West Valley City house party

Police in West Valley City on the scene of a wild party where more than 70 juveniles were arrested for underage drinking and smoking marijuana New Year's Eve. Photo: Gephardt Daily

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah, Jan. 1, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — More than 70 juveniles have been busted for underage drinking and smoking pot at a raucous West Valley City house party.

Lt. Steve Burke of West Valley City PD told Gephardt Daily police were first called to a home at 4958 Piney Park Circle around 11:19 p.m. New Year’s Eve with reports of loud music.

When officers arrived they found the residence packed with drunken teenagers. Some of the juveniles were so intoxicated police called for medical help, fearing some of the teens were suffering from alcohol poisoning.

Officers say they also found marijuana and paraphernalia inside the home and those who threw the party were in considerable trouble.

A West Valley City police officer holds a bong found at the scene of a raucous party New Year’s Eve. Investigators say more than 70 juveniles were arrested for underage drinking and smoking pot. Photo: Gephardt Daily

“If the hosts of the party turn out to be adults, we will take them to jail for contributing the delinquency of 70 minors,” said Lt. Burke. “That could be a third-degree felony. This is serious. If there had been a fire in there, they all would have never gotten out. And that wasn’t the only risk tonight; some of these kids may have been ripped-off. A lot of them are telling me they can’t find their phones. I went in there and I can’t find them. They may very well have been stolen.” 

As police processed the scene, a steady stream of parents arrived, waiting to take their teenagers home. Many were less than pleased.

One of the party-goers who called himself “Jared” told Gephardt Daily he was surprised when police arrived because parties like that go on all the time.

West Valley City police on the scene of a New Year’s Eve house party where more than 70 juveniles were arrested for alleged underage drinking and marijuana use. Photo: Gephardt Daily

“I was keeping watch at the door and all of a sudden I see like lights, and I’m like, ‘Holy sh!t, police are here!’ … but they just happened to bust this party, instead of the other ones that are happening around town.” 

West Valley City police on the scene of a New Year’s Eve house party at 4958 South 5630 West where more than 70 juveniles were arrested for alleged underage drinking and marijuana possession. Photo: Gephardt Daily

Investigators say Saturday night’s scene was reminiscent of a bust earlier this year, when 115 juveniles were arrested at a wild party on Volta Avenue.

“These things just never cease to amaze me,” Lt. Burke said, shaking his head. “When these parties get big, they get big fast.”  


    • That generally applies to the tennant/server and while it could extend to the owner, there’s a LOT of grey area first. Think of it this way, if a bar was charged under dram shop, can they sue the strip mall owners that leased the space? No, just the establishment.

  1. My kid was there very disappointed in him more disappointed in the owner of this house!! Shame on you for letting these kids think it’s ok! I hope you do some jail time!! This is not the first time this has happened there. You need some counseling lady!

    • I think it’s also your responsibility in knowing what you’re children are doing. Maybe you need some counseling as well.

    • If your kid was there, the disappointment i have is in you for trying to shift blame to someone else. You are responsible for knowing what your kid is doing. Our society has a habit of trying to shift blame. The kids are responsible first, parents second, and finally throw the book at the parent that allowed this to happen in their home. Lets start the new year being responsible for our own actions.

    • If your kid was there why is your kid at a party without you at 11:19 pm in the first place? It’s so easy to blame the person who threw the party but the reality is your to blame as well.

  2. Maybe parents should start parenting instead of blaming homeowner! “Unknown” you say you are disappointed in home owner??? Why was your kid there???

  3. Or, instead of blaming the lady, perhaps take a look in the mirror. It’s your kid that you allowed to go out “somewhere” on New Years Eve to do “something” with “someone” What did you think he was going to do? You can’t seriously be that naive. And if this isn’t the first time your kids been busted drinking & smoking, it won’t be the last if you continue blaming everyone but yourselves.

  4. Sorry ‘unknown’ don’t blame others. You said your child was there, maybe you need to pay more attention where your child is and with whom. And especially if it’s not the first time you as a parent should know better than to let your child go there. I don’t think you’re in any position to point fingers at others

  5. Wonder where the parents of these underage kids thought they were going on New Year’s Eve or what rules were in place to follow, especially if it’s a frequent occurrence and particularly on one of the biggest party nights of the year.

  6. To Unknown: You’re disappointed in the owner for allowing this to happen?!?! Are you serious? What about being disappointed in yourself for not teaching your kid right vs wrong? For not taking the responsibility to raise your kid right? For allowing your kid to go to a house where “This is not the first time this has happened there.”? By your very post, you acknowledge that your kid is someone else’s responsibility. You, and your “hands off” parenting style, are the biggest reason we have a generation of little thugs running around the streets. Step up, be their parent, not their friend, tell them no, punish them, and enforce it, even when it’s inconvenient for you. You’ll raise a kid you’ll always be proud of, and others will be as well, rather than the half-pint criminal you have now. I don’t look forward to having my taxes pay for your kid in his future prison term.


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