Utah Docs Beating Deadly Skin Cancer

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Utah Docs Beating Deadly Skin Cancer

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – July 1, 2015 – Gephardt Daily

There is a developing story coming from the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, where researchers appear to be on the cusp of curing melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer.

According to Huntsman researchers, a new protocol developing in clinical trials which allows doctors to inject a mutated cold and herpes virus directly into skin lesions caused by melanoma, stopping the cancer in its tracks.

Dr. Robert Andtbacka, one of Huntsman’s leading oncologists, says the revolutionary new treatment actually teaches the body to heal itself.

“The altered cold and herpes virus activates the immune system to fight melanoma,” Dr. Andtbacka said, “not only where the cells are injected, but also at distant sites. So, it educates the patient’s immune system to kill any melanoma cells that may be elsewhere in the body.”

Another amazing aspect of the new treatment is it’s also free of the often devastating side effects caused by conventional chemotherapy. Patients no longer lose their hair or find themselves overwhelmed by nausea and chronic fatigue.

Farr West, Utah resident, Larry Hegland, age 67, was battling an advanced stage of melanoma when he entered the clinical trial. He said his body was racked with pain, both from the cancer and chemotherapy and had just about given up hope.

“It’s a miracle as far as I’m concerned, because I thought I was dying – and I was. They saved my life,” said Hegland.

The new cancer fighting protocol was refined at the Huntsman Cancer Institute over the last couple of years. Researchers say currently, sixty percent of those receiving the new treatment have seen dramatic reversals in their conditions, Many of those very same patients have now been declared cancer free. Doctors believe as the process is refined, they may eradicate melanoma altogether.

Every year ten thousand Americans succumb to melanoma.

To see Gephardt Daily’s entire interview with cured melanoma patient Larry Hegland, click on the following picture:

Photo: Gephardt Daily – Larry Hegland

To see the entire one-on-one interview with Huntsman Cancer Institute’s oncologist Dr. Robert Andtbacka, click this photo:

Photo: Gephardt Daily – Dr. Robert Andtbacka

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  1. This is such amazing and great news! Super excited about the great cancer news that’s been hitting lately on several levels. How long until it can pass and be available to the masses I wonder?!

  2. As one has proven this will be a life saving treatment for possibly thousands. And hopefully can convert to positive treatments or cures for other forms of this deadly dispecable disease that has caused so much pain sufferers and their families. My only hope is that greed from Pharmaceutical companies or anyone else wanting the glory, fame or financial gain that will come with this announcement forces this cure to sit unused on a shelf like so many medical advancements before it have.

  3. This is very exciting news. Thank you Mr. Gephardt for doing this story. I know that this will give hope to many oncologists and their patients. I wish that this discovery had been made prior to a friend of mine dying from melanoma…he may have been one of the lucky ones to be cured. Again, kudos to you for your work.

  4. There was a time when I would get excited hearing this type of news. Now it’s more like yeah right. I do wonder how many more years of research has to be done though. 50? 100? Those chosen for the clinical trail were very lucky.

  5. Larry is a long time friend of mine and I am so grateful that he was able to join in this trial. The news that he is Cancer Free was emotionally overwhelming. I have lost other friends to Cancer so was elated to hear Larry was one of the lucky ones. Thank You to the Huntsman for doing the research and work you are doing. This needs to be seen by everyone.

  6. Every summer as I long to be out in the sunshine, I am reminded of my dear childhood friend, Christine Pippy Kuck, who lost her battle with melanoma a few years ago. Sounds like we’ve come a long way in treating this now. I wish it had come sooner and she was still with us today. I am grateful for the new treatments and other’s who now have a chance to survive. Miss you Chris.


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