47 skulls, other body parts found in mass graves in Mexico

Jorge Winckler, right, the attorney general for Mexico's Veracruz state on Sunday held a press conference in which he said officials found eight mass graves near the city of Alvarado where they found 47 skulls, as well as other body parts. Forensic teams have exhumed the remains. Photo courtesy of Veracruz Attorney General

March 20 (UPI) — Mexico’s Attorney General for the Veracruz state said officials found 47 skulls along with other body parts in several mass graves.

In a statement, Attorney General Jorge Winckler, said authorities discovered eight graves within an area of about 1,300 square feet.

Winckler said the skulls and “multiple body parts” have been exhumed and officials were working to identify the remains by using DNA and other forms of analysis to notify families. Officials discovered the mass graves about 6 miles from the city center of Alvarado.

The Veracruz attorney general said three of the victims are presumed to be members of the Sanchez Perez family from the Querétaro state. They were declared missing in September. Another victim is presumed to be a minor from Veracruz City who was declared missing in July.

The discovery of the mass graves in Alvarado follows a similar discovery also in Veracruz where officials said they found at least 250 human heads. Police said the site had been used for years as a dumping ground for corpses by drug cartels.


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