Layton police arrest 4 teens after couple reports being threatened at gunpoint

File photo: UPI

LAYTON, Utah, July 10, 2017 (Gephardt Daily) — Layton police took four local teens into custody early Monday morning near 1600 North and Main Street after the youths reportedly approached a vehicle in Ellison Park and later threatened the vehicle’s occupants with a stolen weapon.

Layton Police Department Lt. Travis Lyman told Gephardt Daily a 19-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man were parked near the playground at Ellison Park when they saw a car park nearby.

The couple said two males got out of the car and approached their vehicle. Both of the males were wearing bandannas, Lyman said, and one was carrying a gun.

According to the report, when the males realized the couple was in the vehicle, the suspects ran off on foot, and the couple followed in their vehicle.

Lyman said the suspects were picked up by a car, and the couple continued to follow. That’s when the suspects stopped, got out of their car, pointed a handgun at the victims and told them to stop following.

Police were called shortly after midnight, Lyman said, and were given the information regarding the suspects and the car they were driving.

Several officers responded, located the car and made what Lyman called a high-risk traffic stop. Four male teens were taken into custody, and police recovered a handgun that had been stolen out of Clearfield.

Lyman said the 16-year-old who had the gun was booked into Farmington Bay on two counts of aggravated assault, one count of making a threat accompanied by a weapon, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of a dangerous weapon by a minor, criminal trespass, and curfew violation.

The curfew is midnight.

Released to their parents were a 16-year-old charged with curfew violation, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, and two 17-year-olds charged with curfew violation and criminal trespass.

Lyman said this sort of incident is unusual for Davis County, and “it speaks to why there is a curfew, and why parents should enforce it. People wearing bandannas and carrying a gun are obviously up to no good.”

He also advises anyone who sees suspicious activity or who feels threatened not to follow the suspect, but to get a description and license plate number if possible and call 911 immediately.


  1. I hate to say it but we are losing our city. Salt Lake and it’s surrounding cities were a great place to raise a family. The last few years everything has changed. I give it another 3 and we will be like any other crime filled metropolis.

  2. Maybe you parents should learn to put the fear of god into your kids! Instead of turning a blind eye to those little basturds! You think an X box or a PS4 fixes everything! WRONG! When I was a kid I got a boot in my ads or an older sibling whooped me! Maybe try That!

  3. Discipline of children is to take a behavior and mould it into a desired skill. Discipline instills self-regulation, self-monitoring, and self-starting. Paying attention to children, reading and teaching them what to do, how to do, and when to do, because it needs to be done.. that is parenting.
    Punishment is designed to STOP behavior, good, bad, or indifferent. If you don’t punish your children early in bad behavior, Society will deal punishment for you, and You, as a parent will suffer consequences for your child’s bad behavior as well.

  4. Children today have no regards to anyone. They are the spoiled brats that have been given everything, and have failed to learn life skills of doing a good days work. They had xboxes as a babysitter while Mommy tanned, got her hair done and did whatever they wanted. They would return home from a day of play with the latest game boy video of fighting or killing or of war and crime. These kids are now running free to fend for themselves, and the parents are wondering what went wrong. Take a look back over your life. If you were these parents pat your self on the back. You raised criminals, liars, theives and prostitutes. These kids back in my day knew how to work. They knew what no meant. They had values,morels and life skills ready when they left home. Now days kids aren’t ready to even graduate high school. It’s now up to the law enforcement to try and teach your kids what No really means and life skills which you were to busy looking after your own wants and needs to pay attention and raise good kids with morals, values and what a hard days work feels like. Heck, You probably really didn’t know these things anyway. You had everything given to you also. These values except for a few God fearing people have gone into extinction because it’s now a throw away generation. Including your kids, because they were raised thinking every thing is free. You threw it out Bacause it’s easier to do that than washing it. Happy Parenting! Glad mine are raised and can contribute to society than those who continually take away.

  5. He who has not sinned, may cast the first stone. Should find out if those who are parenting are picking up the slack of other parents who lost these kids to the system. I know it’s not a cake walk for them.


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