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Iowa man says lottery jackpot was predicted by fortune cookie

An Iowa man who won a lottery drawing said his good luck was predicted by a fortune cookie. Photo courtesy of the Iowa Lottery

Oct. 5 (UPI) — A 92-year-old Iowa man who scored a $390,000 lottery jackpot said his windfall was foretold by a fortune cookie.

Charles “Chuck” Svatos won the second prize in the Iowa Lottery’s Sept. 25 Lucky for Life drawing, earning him $25,000 a year for life.

Svatos, who took the lump sum option of $390,000, said his win wasn’t entirely unexpected — it was predicted earlier in the month by a fortune cookie he ate at a casino.

“You will discover an unexpected treasure,” the cookie’s message read.

Svatos said he saved the fortune and carries it in his wallet.

“It’s hard to believe a fortune cookie, you can never believe them most of the time,” Svatos said.

He said he plans to use his winnings to travel.