Police share bodycam video of fatal officer-involved shooting in Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, May 2, 2018 (Gephardt Daily) — The Salt Lake City Police Department has released bodycam footage from the April 18 officer-involved shooting that left domestic abuse suspect Delorean Pikyavit dead.

Captain Lance VanDongen, Salt Lake City Police Department, addressed the media on Wednesday, revealing that the recordings were graphic.

To view the news conference, including bodycam video, click here.

A woman who identified herself as Pikyavit’s girlfriend first called police to the scene, her home at 1132 E. Princeton Ave., and reported domestic abuse.

A recording of the 911 call confirmed that the woman said her boyfriend had threatened and abused her, refused to leave, then retreated to her basement where she heard glass breaking.

She said Pikyavit returned with half a pair of scissors he used as a weapon. She then fled to her neighbor’s house and called police.

Responding to the scene, police learned that Pikyavit had a criminal history that included possession of meth, multiple DUIs, a charge of interfering with an arresting officer, multiple charges of possession of a controlled substance, and a charge of child endangerment for which there was a warrant for his arrest, VanDongen said.

Responding officers found Pikyavit in the yard before he retreated into the residence. At some point, officers noticed he had two weapons, the half scissors and a knife.

At 12:41 p.m., a police negotiator engaged Pikyavit in conversation. VanDongen said Pikyavit told the negotiator he wasn’t going back to jail, and he would be “going out with a bang.”

At 1:45 p.m., authorities smelled gas, and Pikyavit acted like he was lighting a lighter, VanDongen said. SWAT officers turned off the gas.

Pikyavit told the negotiator that he was “going to die today,” and walked out onto the porch of the residence while holding a knife and the half scissors. Video shows that he did not comply with police requests to drop the weapons or sit. He also asked multiple times for police to shoot him.

When he stepped off the porch after waving his weapons, two police officers shot him, one with a .40 mm round, considered less lethal, and one with a .223 caliber rifle.

“First aid was rendered immediately by a paramedic member of the Salt Lake City Police Department SWAT team and emergency medical personnel were called,” VanDongen said.

VanDongen said a note was found inside the residence, and said Pikyavit identified himself as a criminal and talked about killing police.

“We want to remind you all that this is an active and open investigation being conducted by the West Valley Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office,” VanDongen said.



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