Former Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder leaving Moab to return to Northern Utah

Jim Winder is seen in a file photo, from when he served as Salt Lake County Sheriff. Credit: Gephardt Daily

MOAB, Utah, April 1, 2019 (Gephardt Daily) — Former Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder will be returning to the Wasatch Front after nearly two years as Moab City Police Chief, he announced Monday.

Winder said the decision has nothing to do with Moab, and everything to do with family.

“Moab has been just wonderful to me. I can’t say enough about how well my family and I have been treated here,” he told Gephardt Daily.

The decision to move back to the Salt Lake City area was something he gave a lot of thought to, he said, and it hinged on the fact that his wife and children have commitments in Salt Lake.

“My son got accepted to a school that he’s excited about,” Winder said. “He’ll be starting at Utah Military Academy next school year.”

No date has been set yet for Winder’s return.

“The Moab Police Department is really great, and I want to work with them to make sure the transition goes smoothly,” he said.

And there’s no rush to go house hunting.

“We’ve maintained our home in Salt Lake, which we had planned to do anyway, so we have homes in both Moab and there,” he said.

Winder said he has “some things” in the works in the Salt Lake area, but he didn’t elaborate on his plans for the future.

In addition to being sheriff of Salt Lake County, Winder was the chief of the Unified Police Department when he announced at the end of May 2017 that he was taking the job in Moab.


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