Utah COVID-19 update: 2 more deaths, 122 new cases since Thursday

COVID-19 virus. Image: FDA

UTAH, April 17, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) — The Utah Department of Health on Friday released new COVID-19 numbers, revealing two new deaths in the past 24 hours, and 122 new documented cases.

Utah’s COVID-19 deaths now stand at 23. Confirmed cases stand at 2,805, an increase of 122, or 4.5% in the past day.

Laboratories in Utah report testing 55,771 people for COVID-19, an increase of 6,093 test results from Thursday.

“Today is the first day negative test results from Test Utah locations have been incorporated into the daily totals,” a Utah Department of Health statement says. “The negative results from Test Utah account for 3,388 of the 6,093 results being reported today.”

The two new deaths occured in San Juan County, the statement says. Both were people with underlying medical conditions who were hospitalized. One was a woman older than 60 and the other was a man younger than 60.

Below is the breakdown of cases, hospitalizations and deaths by Utah area.
Total Number of Lab-Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Utah


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