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Missing St. George teenager Macin Smith vanished from his family’s home more than 18 months ago.

Since then Gephardt Daily has provided comprehensive coverage of Macin’s disappearance, as well as the exhaustive grassroots efforts to bring the teenager home.

We promise to continue that effort for as long as needed and urge you to share these stories on social media.

Together, we can bring Macin home.

Bill Gephardt
Gephardt Daily

Bringing Macin Home

Exclusive: Macin Smith’s mom speaks of conflicted feelings on missing son’s 20th birthday

Turning 20 is a major milestone in any young person's life; a time when a teen becomes an adult, and a boy starts to decide how his life might look when he's a man.

Macin Smith’s mom talks about moving forward: ‘I did not choose this road of...

The mother of Macin Smith, who has been missing from St. George since 2015, has opened up about how she and her family plan to go forward in 2018 as they face what would be their youngest son's 20th birthday in the spring.

Exclusive: Macin Smith’s mom speaks of third Christmas without son: ‘Limbo to me equates...

For many of us, Christmas is a time of togetherness and joy.

Elizabeth Smart offers tips on protecting children, moving on after abuse

Utah kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart is providing tips to parents on avoiding abuse in a new interview on Reddit timed to coincide with the 15th anniversary year of her childhood abduction.

Exclusive: New questions raised by Macin Smith search as XL T-shirt found

It's very likely to be a complete coincidence that an extra large plain white T-shirt was found by volunteers searching for missing teen Macin Smith at the edge of the Virgin River in St. George Saturday.
Missing St. George Teen Macin Smith

Macin Smith’s mom speaks about search in St. George: ‘We just need some answers’

Volunteers are still needed for a search for missing St. George teenager Macin Smith this weekend.
Parents Of Missing Utah Teen Macin Smith Speak

Macin Smith’s mom reveals new search plan for missing son

As missing St. George teenager Macin Smith's family passes the two-year mark of his disappearance, a new search has been planned in his hometown. 
Parents Of Missing Utah Teen Macin Smith Speak

Mom of missing St. George teen Macin Smith reflects on grief as 2-year anniversary...

As the search for one local missing man, Paul Swenson, comes to a tragic end, the search for another, Macin Smith, shows no sign of conclusion.

Utah’s Elizabeth Smart to be subject of A&E documentary, TV movie

A&E Networks says it has set premiere dates for two programs timed to the 15th anniversary of Elizabeth Smart's childhood abduction.