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Friday, December 3, 2021
Christening for Princess Charlotte

Prince William and Kate Middleton Plan July 5 Christening for Princess Charlotte

Britain's Princess Charlotte -- the daughter of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton -- is to be christened July 5 at St. Mary Magdalene's Church on Queen Elizabeth II's Sandringham estate.
Canadian Hip-Hop Artist Shane Redway

Rapper Shane Redway Killed In Canadian Car Crash At The Age Of 26

Hip-hop artist Shane Redway was among the three people who died as the result of a single-vehicle crash near Toronto's Pearson International Airport this weekend.
Hulk Hugan

Dwayne Johnson Weighs in on Hulk Hogan Scandal

...Not justifying what he said but we've all talked trash, especially in private, and he's paid the price...
Paper Towns Poster

Tony’s Film Reviews: Two Outta’ Three Ain’t Bad!

Tony reviews this week's new releases.

Sawyer Sweeten From ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ Allegedly Commits Suicide at 19

Sweeten apparently shot himself on a trip back to Texas to be with family.
Jim Parsons Expresses Relief from Being Outed as Gay in Interview

Jim Parsons Expresses Relief from Being Outed as Gay in Interview

Jim Parsons said being outed by an interviewer was a "wonderful gift" of relief.
Robin Williams

Robin Williams Voices Dog in First “Absolutely Anything” Trailer

The actor voices Dennis, pet dog to schoolteacher Neil Clarke (Simon Pegg) in the movie.
Maggie Gyllenhaal Was Told She Was "Too Old

Maggie Gyllenhaal Was Told She Was “Too Old’ for a 55-Year-Old Love Interest at...

...A lot of actresses are doing incredible work right now, playing real women, complicated women. I don't feel despairing at all. And I'm more looking with hope for something fascinating
Brain On Fire My Month of Madness

Tyler Perry, Richard Armitage to Co-Star in ‘Brain on Fire’

...Moretz plays Susannah, a rising journalist at the New York Post, who falls victim to an inexplicable illness that has her hearing voices, hallucinating, battling bouts of paranoia and lashing out during violent episodes," a synopsis said. "As weeks go by and Cahalan rapidly descends into insanity, there seems to be no hope for answers until a lucky, last-minute intervention by one doctor gives her a diagnosis and the chance to rebuild her life...
Jon Stewart Responds to Huckabee's Holocaust Reference

Jon Stewart Responds to Huckabee’s Holocaust Reference with Complete Silence

Jon Stewart is well known` for his sly remarks and controversial comments concerning politics.