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‘Toy Story 4′ is coming in 2017, and Pixar Chief, John Lasseter,...

Pixar has big plans for 2017! Fans anticipate the fourth 'Toy Story' movie, which John Lasseter has confirmed he will be directing.

How a TV Show From the ’80s Shaped Today’s Leisure Cruise Industry

The original cast of The Love Boat are the godparents of Princess Cruise’s new ship, the Regal Princess. Embarking on an ocean cruise may evoke positive feelings, depending on your prerogative: Maybe you envision a romantic stroll on the deck with an ocean breeze in your hair, or touring various towns and cities while at port. Either way, cruises are as familiar to many Americans as apple pie.

The Entire ‘Iron Man’ Trilogy in 2 Minutes

With Marvel planning to fill up the rest of your adult life with superhero movies, you’re probably searching for a way to get caught up quickly. That’s why our newest episode of Too Long; Didn’t Watch focuses on Marvel’s Iron Man franchise.

Bleachers Performed with Adorable Mini Versions of Themselves on ‘Conan’

Bleachers, an NYC-based indie pop band led by Jack Antonoff, performed on Conan Thursday night alongside mini versions of themselves — and it was adorably awesome.

Put the Camera Down: ‘Selfie’ Canceled at ABC

ABC is done taking Selfie. The network confirmed Friday that it will not be ordering any more episodes of the comedy starring Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan and John Cho. The show is scheduled to air Episode 7 in its regular Tuesday timeslot next week, but it is unclear whether the remaining 6 episodes from its 13-episode order will air.