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Creative Ways To Add Order To Your Home

Although there are hundreds of options for organizing your home, the pieces you make yourself are the ones that truly reflect your personality.

Milkweed Dearth Not Monarch Butterfly’s Main Threat

The saga of the monarch butterfly and its precipitous decline has included one main villain -- a lack of milkweed, the plant that monarch caterpillars feed on exclusively.
Home Improvement

Home Improvement: Turn Eyesores Into ‘Hardscape’ Treasures

Chris Lambton and wife Peyton Wright Lambton have a history of turning imperfect conditions into beautiful solutions.
Building Material

Decked Out: Why You Should Know About This Building Material

When it comes to choosing the building material, that’s a choice you’re going to live with for a while.
2015-best-year-for-existing-home-sales-since-2006 (1)

2015 Best Year For Existing Home Sales Since 2006

An unexpected boost in sales of previously owned homes in December wrapped up the best year since 2006.

Outdoor Kitchens Add Fun, Function

If your backyard beckons when temperatures climb, an outdoor kitchen may be the perfect answer for your next construction or remodeling project.

Lowe’s reports lower profits despite strength in home sector

Lowe's reported lower first-quarter earnings despite strength in the housing sector and a strong sales report by rival Home Depot.
Baby's Head Reattached

Baby’s Head Reattached After ‘Internal Decapitation’

An Australian boy, 16 months old, had the bones between his head and neck successfully re-attached following a car accident.

Invasive Earthworms Are Changing Forest Ecosystems

Ten square feet of soil can harbor as many as 2,000 earthworms, most of which are invasive. New research suggests scientists have underestimated the ecological impact of these underground worms.