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Get Walled In By The Hottest Coverings This Spring

It's spring. The windows are open, the sun is streaming into your home and it might be the best time to get your walls blooming with color and textures that will brighten many seasons to come.
Drought Threatens

Drought Threatens Nearly All U.S. Forests

While the California drought has been a topic of discussion nationally for some time, researchers are now saying the effects of climate change -- and specifically, drought -- could put forests across the United States in danger.
Fish Oil

Fish Oil May Prevent Schizophrenia, Other Psychotic Disorders

Fish oil, either by eating a fish or taking a supplement my help to prevent the onset of psychosis and psychotic conditions in teenagers and young adults.

Summer Outdoor Entertainment Made Easy

The arrival of milder temperatures means dining al fresco, hosting neighborhood cookouts and enjoying intimate cocktail parties under the stars.
Master Bedroom

Homeowners Want More Romance, Intimacy In The Master Bedroom, Houzz Survey Finds

One-third of homeowners renovating or decorating their master bedrooms want to create a more romantic or intimate environment, according to the 2015 U.S. Houzz Bedroom Trends survey.
tomato shopping

Home Gardeners Rush The Season Out Of Tomato Passion

Tomatoes are classified as a "very tender" garden plant, and the date Utah horticulturalists suggest for safe outdoor planting in Northern Utah is about a month away.
FDA Approved Drug Dramatically Lowers Cholesterol

Drug That Dramatically Lowers Cholesterol Approved by FDA

The Food and Drug Administration today approved the first of a new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs called proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9, or PCSK9, inhibitors, to treat people who have a genetic, hard-to-treat form of high cholesterol or have specific types of heart disease.

25 Decorating Moves to Try This Month

The transition between seasons provides the perfect excuse to update your home so that it feels fresh and reflects the change in the weather, according to How To website Houzz.com.
Baby's Head Reattached

Baby’s Head Reattached After ‘Internal Decapitation’

An Australian boy, 16 months old, had the bones between his head and neck successfully re-attached following a car accident.

Shop your way to an organized closet

If you often find yourself standing in front of a closet bursting with clothes but can’t find anything to wear, it may be time for a makeover – not only for your wardrobe, but for your closet, too.