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Common Design Dilemmas

6 Common Design Dilemmas Solved

Unless you’re designing your home from scratch, there are bound to be one or two existing features in a purchased home that you may regard as eyesores.

Bill’s Garden Adventure — Episode 5: The secret behind the blooming success of Merit...

In 1987, Fred Lampropoulos, founder of the South Jordan-based business Merit Medical Systems, planted a seed, with the not-so-simple idea of developing and distributing precision medical devices worldwide.
Baby's Head Reattached

Baby’s Head Reattached After ‘Internal Decapitation’

An Australian boy, 16 months old, had the bones between his head and neck successfully re-attached following a car accident.

Do open floor plans invite overeating?

Open-concept living spaces are all the rage right now, but new research suggests that such easy access to the kitchen may lead to overeating.

Austrian Teacher Receives Warning After Killing Rabbits in Front of Class

An Austrian teacher received heavy criticism from students and parents after killing two rabbits in front of his class as part of a biology lesson this week.

Shark Week, When Animals Attack, the best place to nurse your baby! ‘The Todd...

It's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel! And they've come up with a...uh...really unusual celebrity promotion -- we'll explain on today's "Morning Stream."

10 Ways To Dazzle Homebuyers This Spring

Spring is a key time in the property market and, thankfully, it’s easier to make your home look sparkling and inviting when the sun’s shining.
House Ready To Sell

HOME IMPROVEMENT: Simple Ways To Get Your House Ready To Sell

It might feel like spring but it's not quite time to put your house on the market. Utah realtors suggest it's best to circle early May on the calendar and spend the next few weeks getting your home ready to sell.
Home Improvement

Home Improvement: Turn Eyesores Into ‘Hardscape’ Treasures

Chris Lambton and wife Peyton Wright Lambton have a history of turning imperfect conditions into beautiful solutions.

6 tips to protect the things you love indoors and out

Whether the family dog gets his muddy paws on the couch, an ice cream cone melts all over the backyard hammock or a sudden storm soaks your new patio cushions, life is filled with unexpected messes. There’s no time like the present to plan ahead so you’re ready for whatever mess life throws your way.