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British officials compare Russia World Cup to Hitler’s Olympics

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin will use the 2018 World Cup the same way Nazi Germany used the 1936 Olympics.

Judge orders Trump administration to speed release of migrant children

A federal judge in California has ordered the Trump administration to speed up the release of migrant children held in custody, citing the threat of the coronavirus pandemic.

Nashville Man Ordered To Remove Zombie Statue From Front Yard

A Tennessee man said he finds it "utterly ridiculous" that his homeowner's association is ordering him to remove his front-yard zombie statue after five years.

South Korea program for defectors not working, Seoul lawmaker says

A South Korean program that provides incentives for local businesses to hire North Korean defectors has been completely ineffective since it launched in 2000.

AG William Barr ends moratorium on federal executions

U.S. Attorney General William Barr ordered the government Thursday to resume capital punishment, 16 years after the last federal execution.

Army Black Hawk chopper crashes at Maryland golf course; 1 dead

Military officials said one person was killed Monday after a U.S. Army helicopter crashed at a golf course south of Washington, D.C.

Mexican ambassador: Status quo ‘unacceptable’ on U.S. migration

Mexico's ambassador to the United States said Tuesday migration between the two countries has changed drastically -- more Mexicans now return to Mexico than enter the United States -- and policy needs to catch up.

White House expands federal foreclosure moratorium, mortgage relief

The Biden administration on Tuesday will extend federal protections for homeowners, barring foreclosures into the summer and giving more time to file for mortgage forbearance, the White House said.

Low-mass supernova triggered the birth of the solar system, researchers say

The solar system has a low-mass supernova to thank for its existence.

U.S. Postal Service unveils commemorative Mr. Rogers stamp

The U.S. Postal Service honored children's television icon Mister Rogers with a commemorative postage stamp on Friday.