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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

St. George police searching for witnesses to Sunday night crash

St. George police are searching for witnesses to a crash that occurred Sunday evening. 

UHP: Man who led troopers on Millard County chase admits to driving 160 mph

A man who led troopers on a high speed chase in Millard County is being held without bail after he reportedly admitted to officers he was driving at 160 mph with only his parking lights illuminated.

Men stopped for speeding in Monticello end up jailed for possession of more than...

Two men are facing felony charges after officers of the San Juan County Sheriff's Office say the pair was stopped with more that 100 pounds of marijuana in their car.

Iron County inmate faces 10 new felony charges after allegedly discussing illegal images stored...

An inmate at the Iron County Jail is facing 10 new felony charges after he allegedly talked about illegal images his girlfriend found stored on his phone.

St. George police officer gets unexpected ‘help from above’ while rescuing woman held against...

A St. George police officer got some unexpected "help from above" in capturing a man accused of holding a woman against her will during a prolonged chase.