You Can Bank On MAGIC TANK®

Magic Tank
You Can Bank On MAGIC TANK®

You Can Bank On MAGIC TANK®


There is a project called MAGIC TANK® Emergency Fuel that you dump into your car when you run out of gas, and you keep going. The product says it’s non-flammable, but how is that going to work?

“If it’s non-flammable, how’s it going to work in the car, how’s it going to ignite?” asks manager of Hillside Tire and Service Mark Robison. We took a bottle of MAGIC TANK® to Hillside and drained the gas tank. In the meantime, we tested whether the product was really non-flammable. After several attempts, MAGIC TANK® was impossible to ignite.

MAGIC TANK’s® CEO Steve Bistritzky said the flammable components are taken out of the liquid. He said the product works just like gasoline minus all the spark sensitive stuff like volatile butanes, pentane, hexanes or heptanes. It pushes whatever gas you have left in your fuel line into your engine. “With a car that gets 20 miles to the gallon, this will keep it running for ten because it’s a half-gallon,” he said.

When Bill had run completely out of gas, he cranked the engine a couple of times to make sure it would not fire. No go. So he poured a half gallon of MAGIC TANK® right into the gas tank. Just like that, the engine started right up. After driving around for ten minutes, Bill pulled into a gas station and filled up with gasoline.

MAGIC TANK’s® Emergency Fuel formula was developed by a retired executive whose career was with both Shell Oil Chemical Corporation and Amoco Chemical Corporation. He has a BS degree in chemical engineering from Missouri University and a MBA degree from Harvard University. He has been issued more than 16 patents in the petrochemical field.

The MAGIC TANK® Emergency Fuel product was developed to be used by several government departments and to be used in the consumer retail field as well as in the commercial industry.

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