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Best Buy to Begin Accepting Apple Pay in Stores


Best Buy to Begin Accepting Apple Pay in Stores


A Best Buy signs are displayed outside the store in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington DC on August 12, 2010. File photo by Alexis C. Glenn/UPI | License Photo


RICHFIELD, Md., April 27 (UPI) — Best Buy has just released an update to its IOS app that makes it so it accepts Apple Pay for in-store pickups and deliveries, and the company will soon allow Apple Pay to be used in its stores.

“All U.S. Best Buy stores will begin accepting Apple Pay later this year,” the company said in a statement.

The company stated it is focusing on improving its services to make purchasing items as easy as possible. It also reaffirmed it will be opening a technology development center in Seattle, Wash. in spring of 2015, which will host at least 50 engineers and 100 e-commerce professionals.

The Verge points out accepting Apple Pay is an unusual move for Best Buy, because the company is part of the Merchant Customer Exchange, which is using its own phone payment system called CurrentC. CurrentC has lagged compared to services like Apple Pay, so this may be a way to get more income while its own service catches up.