The Best Gifts For Guys

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The Best Gifts For Guys

Gifts can be given all throughout the year. We are here to give you the best and most common gifts that we were able to find for this Christmas season.

Shaving Kit

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A man always looks better with a well taken care of beard (if he has one). I want to tell you about a shave kit that is sure to not break the bank and makes an exceptional gift this Christmas. It is a ‘Shave Kit with Badger Brush’ and contains a:

  • Five ounce Bay Rum shaving soap
    • The bold flavors and heady scents of the Caribbean come together in this shaving soap with a fantastic yet delicate fragrance.Also added is some vitamin E for its soothing and emollient nature. The kaolin and bentonite clays help you get a close and clean shave. Sweet orange essential oil is an antiseptic which conditions your skin and leaves your face with a clean fresh scent
  • One ounce All Natural Bay Rum Aftershave
    • This is a blend of aloe, pure witch hazel, rose distillate, glycerin, sweet orange, rosemary, bay essential oil. 1 ounce amber glass bottle
  • Badger Bristle Shaving Brush
    • Soft enough for delicate skin. Brush shaving is a great way to get that traditional shave. Features a flat base so the brush can stand. Shaving with brushes is a great way to get a traditional shave
  • Four and a half ounce body soap bar
    • Your choice of Bay rum, Coconut milk or Pomegranate & Mango
  • Ceramic shaving bowl
  • And instruction card on the art

All kits come in an up-cycled wooden cigar box.


Mophie Phone Charger

Mophoe Phone Case - Gephardt Daily

No beard on your man? No problem! He probably has a cell phone though doesn’t he? Well then we have the perfect gift for him.

A rechargeable phone case from

Now these are ultrathin and come in different colors. It gives your phone full protection and up to one-hundred percent extra battery to keep you connected and equipped for the day ahead.

The phones that these battery cases are available for are:

  • iPhones:
    • iPhone 4
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 5c

These come in a variety of colors depending on the “Juice” pack that you pick. Starting from around $79.95 and goes all the way up to $149.95.

  • Samsung:
    • Galaxy SIII
    • Galaxy S4
    • Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy smart phone “Juice” packs start from $99.95 and only gets a little higher after taxes are put in place. Also coming in a variety of colored which vary by the pack that is chosen.

  • HTC
    • HTC one M7

Only HTC phone cases come in a black and a white color and only fits one of the many HTC family phones. The phone can get power from the battery that is in the very thin phone case by just the flip of a switch and that means you never have to go searching for another outlet again.


World Navigation Watches

Navigation Watch - Gephardt Daily














There are many things that men need but one of the best out there that have been around since the seventeenth century. Now one of the top selling items is a World Navigator Watch. Don’t tell the watch snob, but isn’t a big flashy watch a bit much? Get him something refined, yet stylish, effortless, and timeless. Something like a classic World Navigator.

There are actually only three  World Navigation Watches which are:

  • Invicta 45mm World Navigator Quartz Chronograph Blue Leather Strap Watch.
    • It comes with a Three-slot Dive Case
      • The holiday price for it is $79.81
  • Invicta 45mm World Navigator Quatrz Chronograph Blue Leather Strap Watch
    • The holiday price for it is $79.81
      • This one comes with a Three-slot Dive Case
  • Invicta 45mm Specialty Navigator Quartz Bracelet Watch
    • This one comes with an Eight Slot Dive Case
      • The holiday price for it is $89.76

There are many more watches that we have found, on; these are the most commonly bought watches. The watches start from around fifteen dollars and can range all the way to two-hundred and fifty dollars. Take a little bit of time and figure out what type of man you have and get him one that is going to fit into his personality and daily lifestyle.


If you have any other Christmas ideas let us know in the comments below.


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