I Really Like That: Lantern

Rayovac Sportsman 4-1 Lantern - Vimeo thumbnail
I Really Like That: Lantern

I Really Like That: Lantern

Bill really likes his Reyovac Sportsman 4-N-1 Lantern, because the batteries seem to last forever. He bought his at the Home Depot about three years ago for about $25 and now they are online for between $40 and $60.


Whether you plan on camping, hunting or just spending a quiet evening on your porch, Rayovac has just what you need to brighten up your surroundings. The Rayovac Sportsman 4-N-1 Lantern consists of an LED lantern, two LED handheld flashlights and a LED handheld panel light with stand capability. Both handheld flashlights and panel light are contained within the lantern for easy storage and space efficiency.

This all-in-one lantern is an excellent multi-functional light that every family should have. It’s great for camping, storm safety, emergency situations and work.


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