Hillary Clinton Introduces a Pantsuit Tee on Online Campaign Store

The Everyday Pantsuit Tee
Photo courtesy of shop.hillaryclinton.com

Hillary Clinton Introduces a Pantsuit Tee on Online Campaign Store

Photo courtesy of shop.hillaryclinton.com
Photo courtesy of shop.hillaryclinton.com

WASHINGTON, May 26 (UPI) — Hillary Clinton is offering her famous trend to the masses.

The one piece that garnered the most attention in the former secretary of state’s campaign store is “The Everyday Pantsuit Tee.”

The website describes the red top, which sells for $30, as “bringing a whole new meaning to casual Friday.”

A “Pantsuit Up” tagline is written on the back of the novelty shirt andshop.hillaryclinton.com reminds buyers that a pantsuit bottom is not included.

Other options for those not sold on the pantsuit trend are also for sale to support the 2016 presidential candidate. From a hoodie to a snapback and even a onesie for a future voter, the online shop carries a variety of items that are adorned with Hilary’s signage. Even a feminist accessory is available for purchase like the “A Women’s Place is in the White House” pillow.

Clinton’s opponent, Rand Paul’s online store is also filled with a diverse selection of apparel and merchandise. The tees for sale include logos that say “The NSA knows I bought this Rand Paul Tshirt” and “Liberty Bro.”

Also found on store.randpaul.com are anti-Hillary items like the “Hillary’s Hard Drive.” The descriptions reads: “CLEARANCE SALE! You’ve read about it on the news, now you can get one for yourself. Hillary’s Hard Drive. 100% genuine erased clean email server. Buyer beware, this product has had heavy use and it currently is no longer working, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valuable to someone. Anyone? Limited edition. We have 80 of these and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.”

Clinton is set to make her first official campaign speech on June 13.


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