New On DVD And Blu-ray: Anna Kendrick And Rebel Wilson Come Back For Seconds

New On DVD And Blu-ray
Photo Courtesy: Universal Pictures

“Pitch Perfect 2”
Starring: Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson
Directed By: Elizabeth Banks
Rated PG-13

In “Pitch Perfect 2,” the Bella’s are back, but after being humiliated in front of none other than the President of the United States of America, the Bella’s are forbidden to compete in the US.

In order to clear their name, and regain their status, the Bella’s must win an international competition no American team has ever won.

But much too much of this sequel rehashes situations from the first film, as if by repeating them the jokes get better. Believe me, they don’t.

Also the movie, directed by Elizabeth Banks, misses an opportunity to expand the character of Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson.

Amy, in the first film, made the jokes.

In the sequel she IS the joke, which I found belittling and insulting. Making fun of someone’s physicality is an ‘easy’ laugh. It’s also easy to repeat and repeat jokes and situations from the original film, redress them and call them ‘new.’

But even with those observations, “Pitch Perfect 2” has an energy and sense of humor which most audiences will find engaging and fun to watch.

My original grade was a C+ but the film plays better on the small screen, so I am bumping it to a B.

Check out the “Pitch Perfect 2” behind the scenes video below.


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