Tons Of Dead Sardines Wash Up On Shores Of River In Chile

Crews worked to clean up Chile's Queule River after tons of dead sardines washed up along the shore. Up to 700 tons of sardines were removed and taken to a dumping site after the unexplained phenomenon. Authorities also banned the consumption of sardines as investigators continued to research the potential effects on human health. Screen capture/Defensa Artesanal Caletas Comuna Tolten/Facebook

TOLTEN, Chile, April 12 (UPI) — Officials in Chile issued a health warning after thousands of dead sardines washed up on the shores of the Queule river.

The Defensa Artesanal Caletas Comuna Tolten shared video of crews attempting to remove piles of sardines from the area.

According to FB Newswire, clean-up crews were working to clear about 700 tons of dead sardines from the river last weekend.

Local media reports that authorities have banned the consumption of sardines for fear of a threat to human life as experts continue to investigate the situation.

Authorities said that the massive piles of dead fish would be moved to an offsite dumping facility.

No explanation has yet been given for the mass deaths although some believe an increased amount of oxygen in the water may have been the cause.


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