Top Toys for Boys

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Top Toys for Boys

If you have been keeping up with our videos and articles which started on Monday December 15, then you know that we are having an 11 days of Christmas Special and have talked about gifts for that special man and woman in your life. Now we are going to take a gander and see what the top Christmas gifts are for any boy of any age that is in your life.

Smart Stages Learning Chair - Gephardt Daily

Laugh and Learn Stages Chair

This toy would be more for a child that is between the ages of one and three. This little chair, even though it may not look like much, is going to actually reward your child’s curiosity and encourage experiential learning with three fun ways to play. Content updates automatically and includes songs, phrases, and sounds that match a child’s age and stage of growth. One of the best things that comes from this chair is that this Laugh and Learn Stages Chair is only $39.99.

Innotab Max - Gephardt DailyInnotab Max

This is a seven-inch touchscreen Android tablet for children ages four to six. It comes preloaded with eighteen learning apps. Wi-Fi capability lets kids explore online games, videos, and websites that have been pre-selected by VTech. Also the VTech Kid Connect comes with the Android 4.2 operating system and allows parents and kids to send messages to one another. In addition to VTech’s own apps and learning software, it will also boast access to a selection of more than 200 educator-endorsed Android learning games. This tablet starts from $99.99 and reaches up to $121.99.


Y fliker Lift - Gephardt Daily

Y Flicker Lift

This scooter with three wheels is going to typically be for a child who is about seven years or older because you have to be able to wiggle around to get the scooter to move. It features two small wheels directly behind the scooter’s back wheels, which allows kids to perform easy-to-learn wheelies. Once they have LIFTed (get it?) themselves into the stunt, they can even carve sideways on an angle. Also it folds up nicely for east storage or travel. The scooter is thrill-seeking and trust me mom and dad will want their turn as well. This scooter is some what pricey, sticking at $149.99 for the high end  self propelling scooter.



So if you are looking around for any boy that you need to grab a quick present for go ahead and pick up one of these top toys for boys.


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