Benedict Cumberbatch Stars in ‘Sherlock’ Special Trailer

Benedict Cumberbatch Stars in 'Sherlock' Special Trailer
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LONDON – October 8, 2015 — (UPI) — Sherlock released an atmospheric trailer for its forthcoming Christmas special Wednesday.

The preview sees Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman go back in time to Victorian-era England as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, respectively. The famed detective muses on the ghosts of his past as he goes to “war” to solve a sinister case.

“It’s very much the show you know,” executive producer Steven Moffat said of the special at San Diego Comic-Con in July. “It’s the Sherlock as you know it, but in the correct era. It’s one of the best ones we’ve made. I think it’s really terrific.”

Sherlock premiered on the BBC in 2010, and airs on PBS in the U.S. The series takes place in modern-day London, and will begin filming a fourth season in 2016. The upcoming special is expected to air Dec. 25, Christmas Day.


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