Cast of ‘Seinfeld’ Surprise Dying Fan with Birthday Wishes

Cast of 'Seinfeld' Surprise Dying Fan
Photo Courtesy: NBCTV

NEW YORK – December 01, 2015 — (UPI) — Terminally ill ‘Seinfeld’ super fan James Anthony Calder received a special surprise on his birthday recently when the cast of the iconic comedy series wished him Happy Birthday in a collection of videos.

Former cast members including Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine), Wayne Knight (Newman), John O’ Hurley (J. Peterman), and Larry Thomas (The Soup Nazi) and more sent Calder personal Happy Birthday videos which his son, also named James, posted to YouTube.

It was Calder’s son who reached out to the cast mentioning how his father was huge fan of the show and could use a boost on his 67th birthday as he battled with lung cancer.

“I just wanted to say Happy Birthday. I hope it’s a great one, and I’m wishing you the very best,” Louis-Dreyfus said in the video after thanking the elder Calder for being a fan and praising his work raising a son “who clearly adores you.”

Michael Richards who famously portrayed Kramer on the show privately reached out to Calder to wish him Happy Birthday with a phone call.

Sadly, James Anthony Calder passed away in November a day after seeing the videos and three days before his birthday, his son wrote in the Huffington Post.

“These wonderful people helped to honor and celebrate my father’s birthday and provided a much needed distraction during an extremely difficult time for my family,” he wrote. “Their kindness and compassion has humbled us to our core.”


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