Chris Hemsworth Details Getting Hit On During Prison Visit

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LONDON – December 7, 2015 — (UPI) — Chris Hemsworth has detailed a unique experience he had while visiting a prison to do research for his upcoming film, Blackhat.

Appearing on The Graham Norton Show Friday, Hemsworth opened up about how he was hit on and heckled by the inmates for his charming good looks.

“I was researching a film and we had to basically go in and research what the inside of a prison looked like and speak with prisoners who wanted to talk to us,” the actor said before explaining how he had to take off his disguise.

“The warden said ‘You can’t wear your hat,’ and so on, and I said, ‘OK no worries.’ And I thought, ‘Oh [expletive], they’re going to know who I am,'” he continued. “Then I thought, ‘No, they don’t get Thor in here, they’re not going to watch movies,’ and, I don’t know, I’d never been to prison. So, I assumed that.”

Hemsworth was proved wrong however as he was immediately recognized.”The moment I started walking through the cells … I just started getting heckled, ‘Yo, Thor’s here man. Yo Thor, YO THOR!’ Where’s your hammer, man?'” It was also then that the cat calls started to come in.

“‘Yo, come spend some time in my cell, baby!'” he recalled of what inmates would say to him.


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